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Beryllium Copper Tooling | CSC Tooling 

Intrinsically safe Spark resistant hand tools for use in all ATEX category zones. 
They are designed for use in areas where sparks could ignite volatile materials,chemicals or gases. 
Non- Magnetic Tool kit (Beryllium Copper) 
Designed for use with Unexploded Ordnances (UXOs) where magnetic fields may increase the threat of detonation, the Non Magnetic Tool kit delivers a comprehensive set of tooling for high- risk environments. 
Product Capabilities 
Non-Magnetic to eliminate risk of detonation in magnetic -sensitive environments.Supplied complete with packing and carrying case to protect tooling and enable maximum portability 
Product Specifications 
Available as 36,85 or 100 piece kit 
Can be requested in imperial,metric or both size standards 
Guaranteed against STANAG 2897 Annex C 
The Prodder is designed for locating Anti-Personnel Mines in situations where a magnetic device could detonate a mine. Currently in use with the UK MoD and security agencies around the world, the prodder is a popular military tool designed to withstand the rigors of today's most challenging environments. 
Product Capabilities 
Locates mines buried at depths of up to 250mmLightweight for optimal portability and deployment.The highly versatile non- magnetic mine prodder is also designed for use in situations where magnetic field is unlikely to cause a problem 
Product Specification 
Length 510mm (short assembled) 1030mm (long assembled) ,20,5mm (main body) 6.4mm spike-Weight 409gm (prodder) 209gm (stored)Spike hardness 45/50 Rockwell C 
Colour NATO Green 
Supplied as a kit with webbing carrying case, consisting of spike holder assembly, hand grip and tube assembly 
36 Piece Non Mag Kit. 
85 Piece Non Mag Kit 
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